Hello, again!

In today’s day and age, we're able to find information about almost any topic on our telephones! Our phones! I remember comments my dad would make about computers years ago. He said he knew how to spell the word, but beyond that he didn’t know too much about them.

Today, if we look up a business we're interested in, our smart phones will let us call, show us reviews and even tell us how to get there!

I've recently purchased an Instant Pot, and I enjoy how easy recipes are to find online. I’ll have to say, the recipe for bbq brisket I found was spot on, and oh so tender. I've never been able to make one like that. Low and slow seems to be difficult for me.

Some food for thought, though. I prefer to get my information from a local, or personal source. Looking at gardening tips on the internet sometimes makes me cringe. Kansas State University has so much information for Kansas gardeners available for little or no cost. One resource I use regularly is their Kansas Garden Guide. It's available in our stores or online for only $7.00. With over 80 pages of information from planning a garden to composting, it covers all aspects of vegetable gardening. It includes information on specific crops and calendars for timing of the crops for our area.

Another popular gardening resource is The Old Farmer’s Almanac. This resource has information on best planting days by nature's calendar or the moon’s phase. It’s suggested to plant annual flowers and vegetables during the light of the moon and plants that bear crops below ground during the dark, or waning phase, of the moon. Nature’s calendar suggests looking at nature to know when to plant vegetables and flowers. Planting peas when the forsythias bloom is an example. I tend to follow planting by nature, while others plant strictly by the phases of the moon.

KSU Extension is hosting a Design and Grow Gardening Workshop on Saturday, February 1 from 9:00am - 4:00pm. The workshop will be packed with ideas and information for beginning and longtime gardeners, alike. It is an opportunity to learn from the pros, garner ideas for your garden and landscape, and find inspiration in new plants and gardening experiences. Keynote speaker, Brie Arthur, will inspire audiences featuring her leadership in the suburban Foodscape movement. Register on the Extension Center website for the workshop.

If you are new to gardening, stop by one of our stores, and we’ll help you get started into a lifelong activity that’s not only healthy, but satisfying as well.

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson Owner - Johnson's Garden Center