Hello, again!

Here it is again, the start of another trip around the sun. Horticulturally, we go by week number, so this is week ‘one’. Looking at my greenhouse production journal, week one or two is the time to get the first crop of early spring vegetables started. We’re planting broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower in the greenhouse now, and then again four weeks later for a second crop. Last year in week two, we sowed Luna Hibiscus for a summer planting. Being a long crop, it’ll be ready about twelve weeks from when the seedlings are transplanted. We’ll also start a few early tomatoes for those wanting to start their ‘gamble garden’ in March, weather permitting.

Week one at the store is also our week to take inventory. Not that long ago, we split up with yellow legal pads and that’s how we used to count products. Dad would sit at his desk with his adding machine in an attempt to get close to the number of items we had at the store. It would take days for the process. Today, it’s all done with handheld devices, and we do one store a day. Yesterday we were west, today it’s the east store’s turn.

Depending on where the New Year holiday falls on the calendar, our annual Storewide Sale is the weekend soon after the first. This year, the sale is this Saturday and Sunday, January 8th and 9th. Like most events at the store, they evolve. Originally it was the New Year’s Day Sale. We would hold the sale for a few short hours on the first until we figured out it would be easier if we held it the weekend after January 1st.

The Storewide Sale Sale is a great time to purchase your 2022 ferti-lome Lawn Care Program at great savings of 25% off. You can also order it on our website now through Sunday at the Storewide Sale price. We’ll be happy to store the program products for you, and you can pick them up as needed, or we’ll deliver the products to you during the season for a small fee.

Some other things to stock up on during the Storewide Sale are ferti-lome Succulent Potting Mix and Crump Greenhouse Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix. Everything in the store is at least 15% off!* All of our houseplants, cactus and succulents are 25% off during the sale as well, so pick up something to brighten up your home. I’m going to add a rare Black Raven ZZ plant to my collection. The Black Raven has a striking dark foliage, and I think it’s one of the easiest plants to care for indoors. If you have been feeding our Gardener’s Choice bird food, now is the time to stock up on it while it’s on sale as well.

Stop by the Storewide Sale this weekend, and have a great week one!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

*Some exclusions apply, such as consignment items and services. See store for details.