Hello, again!

Winter has officially arrived, and I’m already thinking spring 2020. I tell myself every nice day we have is one less day that we have a chance of cold, stormy weather. On sunny days, even in the winter, the greenhouses need to be ventilated to keep the temperature where the plants favor it. Plus, we’re not having to keep furnaces running to warm the space up for the plants. Plants are like us, they seem to do better on warm, sunny days!

We are busy getting ready for spring with our early pansy and viola crop. These cold-tolerant seedlings arrived in December; we finished transplanting them this week. Pansies have been a tradition at Johnson’s for many years. My good friend (and former employee) Bill Jackel always reminds me to grow them cold! It seems at first that they are growing slow, then by early February we’re seeing a few plants flowering. By March, they are ready to be planted outside.

If you weren't able to get your lawn care program needs taken care of last weekend, it’s not too late. You can order them online, or stop into the store and get your program reserved. For a lot of people, we store the products for them until it’s time to apply. We’ll deliver the products or you can take all of them with you. For information on specific turf needs, we’ll be happy to chat, or our website has lots of information on cool or warm season lawns too.

If you’re wanting to start your own vegetable garden, now is the time to start early spring seeds. Besides pansies, many cold tolerant flowers and vegetables may be started in January. Snapdragons, dianthus, and petunias are a few annuals for early planting. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are good to go as well.

Brussels sprouts have been for me kinda….passed on. But this weekend after a bike ride in the Flint Hills, a group of us stopped at Ad Astra in Strong City. Afterwards, a Walnut River Warbeard, a Ruben sandwich and a side order of roasted brussels sprouts hit the spot! I think I’ve found my new favorite vegetable!

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson Owner - Johnson's Garden Center