Hello, again!

At some point, every garden has an abundance of production. This fall, for me in the greenhouse, it was two crops- rosemary and Italian parsley. We grew the parsley in the greenhouse more as a pollinator for butterflies than we did for sales. This fall, the parsley was a food source for caterpillars. It was fun watching the life-cycle of butterflies happen in front of our eyes. The rosemary, on the other hand, was a late crop for fall and winter sales. It’s not like zucchini or home grown tomatoes. We can grow herbs inside all winter long to add flavor to our dishes.

Being on a pesto kick lately, I came across this recipe recently, and it is perfect for the abundance of herbs that came out of the greenhouse. With both fresh Italian parsley and rosemary from the greenhouse, as well as locally grown garlic from Orie’s Farm Fresh, it made a delicious, home grown addition to pasta, sandwiches and more. The recipe calls for pine nuts, but walnuts or almonds can be substituted if pine nuts are hard to find.

Another plant from the greenhouse that is finally ready to share, and is quite possibly the most unique looking houseplant, is Dischidia nummularia sp. ‘Dragon Jade'. It’s a rare houseplant native to Asia. It features stacked leaves that resemble dragon scales or a necklace, and does well in low light. Jeremy brought in a collection of rare and unusual collector cuttings from a grower in Asia last fall that has been popular with indoor gardeners. While the Dragon Jade is not fast growing, it does grow well in an orchid soil type media. Be sure to water weekly and give it a constant feeding with ferti-lome 20-20-20 Water Soluble Plant Food.

With the cooler weather we’re starting to experience, it’s important to remember the songbirds visiting our homes and landscapes. A supply of fresh, shallow water attracts birds, as well as a high fat content food such as suet cake or Johnson’s Gardener’s Choice Bird Food Blend.

Our Christmas trees and greenery are arriving, and will soon be out for sale for the season! As the news reports have advised, I’d suggest that you shop earlier than later because of possible shortages. We’ll have a great selection of greenery and fresh cut trees to start the season.

Also, be sure to sign up for our fun workshops this holiday season! We've added an extra Porch Pot workshop at 1pm on November 26th. Check it out here if you haven't signed up yet. We really enjoy having you here, and if you’re looking for an “experience” gift to give, it’s a great one.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center