Hello, again!

After much discussion, my human decided to let me send you Christmas greetings this week. We’ve all had an interesting 2020. I lost my friend Maggie recently. She was getting up there in age, recently celebrating her 119th birthday. Her first year of life she lived on the streets, a rough life for a Portuguese Water Dog. Her human, Angie, had given Maggie a good life. I always got into trouble, though, wanting to roughhouse with her, so it'd been awhile since we'd seen each other. I miss her a lot. My social life now will involve keeping the backyard free of squirrels and cats.

I, like most of you humans, am getting a bit tired of these short days. The sun doesn’t start showing much light until after 7:00am and by 5:00pm, I’m thinking about turning in. Next Monday though, at 4:02am is the Winter Solstice! Yay! The first official day of winter is when the days start getting longer! More time to guard the yard from var mints!

Later next week, you all know is Christmas. I can’t wait. We have a concolor fir Christmas tree in the Florida room. If your humans don’t have a tree up by now, have them stop in at the stores. They still have a good Christmas tree selection. If you are wanting a deal on one, just tell them you are a friend of Coulter’s and they’ll give you 25% off fresh cut trees and greens and a 40% discount on almost all other Christmas items! My favorites are the pet ornaments!!

There is some debate on poinsettias and pets. Maybe they are not too good for us, but what I’ve heard is that it takes several hundred leaves to make a pet ill. Either way, I know I’ll get in trouble for messing with the poinsettia. They're just so beautiful, though! When your human goes to the store, make sure they take a tour in the greenhouse. There are so many poinsettia colors to choose from. Traditional red, yellow, pink, and speckled! The stores can even paint the plants for special effects!!

Authoring this enews allows me to be able to select the Christmas song of the week. Here’s my favorite:

Your (really) furry friend in the garden,

Coulter Johnson