Hello, again!

Growing up, our vacations seemed to be centered around business trips. Nursery industry meetings have taken our family to Boston in 1976, Minneapolis, and other destinations we typically would not have visited. During one such meeting, we attended a trade show and met the Cartner family from North Carolina. The Cartners live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Newland, North Carolina. Sam and Margaret Cartner have been growing fraser fir Christmas trees for wholesale and cut your own since 1959. The region is ideal for the fraser and is grown on land not suitable for other crops. In 2019, the fraser fir from the Cartners farm was the North Carolina Christmas tree winner, and went on to the national competition where the winner supplies the Christmas tree to the White House. Visiting the tree farm when in the area for our annual ferti-lome meeting in North Carolina was special.

In a time when we are encouraged to buy from small businesses, we are proud to have a relationship with business owners such as the Cartners to supply our customers with fresh cut Christmas trees for the holidays. Sizes range from 3’ up to over 12’, and our trees are all on display for you to pick out your favorite one. We protect each tree with Bonide Wilt-Stop to help in keeping the tree fresh throughout the holiday season. A fresh cut allows the tree to take up more water, and we’ll net the tree for the journey to your home.

Besides the fraser firs, we also offer noble and concolor fir trees. Nobles are from the Pacific Northwest and the concolors are from Northwest New Mexico, close to Philmont Scout Ranch. Unlike the fraser and noble firs which are farmed, the concolors are harvested from the forest areas as part of the forest management program. Thinning the trees helps in reducing the potential of forest fires in the future.

I hope you’ll consider a fresh cut Christmas tree from a small, family operated business this holiday season.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center