Hello, again!

After Christmas, I’m frequently asked what we do at the garden centers during this time of the year. While there’s not too much in the way of outdoor activities, we are sure to keep the parking lot and sidewalks cleared off so you can always visit our greenhouses. We’ll also be attending Christmas markets for next year's Christmas products. In the late summer, we order items for the following spring, so look for new items on our shelves soon!

Last winter, our staff was busy putting up our new production greenhouse, which arrived December 2, 2021. The project started going up in January with an anticipated completion date of March. We finally finished it in early April. Our friend Tony Beckman, who supplies us with our growing media, commented in February that every new greenhouse project looks just like ours did that time of the year - behind schedule with inspections, weather and other factors beyond our control. If anything, I guess things like that teach us patience.

We also do our store projects during the winter months. Painting, remodeling and repairs are to-dos that have been on our lists for months. An annual project of the past was to seal the floor in the retail store area. I’m sure we all lost a few brain cells during that process. The recipe we concocted and then rolled on with a paint roller was 50% var nish and 50% paint thinner! I’m surprised the place didn’t go up in flames during the project! We all survived and still sealed the floors, but now we don’t use any 'secret' recipe. Today, it’s a water soluble mop on finish that has no odor and no chance of blowing the place up!

Both of our production greenhouses are filling up with plants for upcoming spring and summer sales. Our cold tolerant pansies are planted and a few are starting to show color. Hanging baskets, succulents and geraniums are in the process as well. Soon, perennial production will be in full swing as well.

Keep in mind, our Storewide Sale is next weekend, January 8 and 9th. Most everything in the store will be marked down, including the 2022 ferti-lome Lawn Care Program. You will be able to order it online on January 1 at our best price of the year, but we’d love to see you in the stores!

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s. It looks like it’s going to be a good time to be indoors with the weather forecast I’m seeing!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

P.S. Sedgwick County is hosting a Christmas tree recycling program now through January 21st. Take your undecorated cut tree to one of many locations around the county for recycling.