Hello, again!
It takes the Earth about 365.242189 days — or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds — to circle once around the sun; roughly, it takes one year. If we don’t add an extra day every 4 years, we would lose about 6 hours every year, or in a century we’d be off by about 24 days. It's easy to remember leap year because it always coincides with the presidential election and the Summer Olympics.

Our first small seedling pansy plugs arrived in early December, or on week 49 of 2019. Professional growers are always talking in weeks by number. For example, week 7 is Valentine's Day, 12 is St. Patrick’s Day, 17 is our Fill-A-Flat Sale and so on.

We plan on our pansy crop to be ready week 10, or early March. By the book, pansies are a fast crop, around 5-6 weeks. Doing the math then, the transplants could be planted week 4 and they would be ready by March 1. We tweak the typical growing instructions by growing the crop cold. The professional growing sheet calls for temperatures in the 60’s. We keep ours colder adding to the production time, but by doing that we have plants available for sale that will do well outdoors in the cold temperatures of March. That's just how we roll. Here is a list of the var ieties we have ready for sale, just waiting to go into your garden

Colossus Pansies come in clear or blotch flowers that will do well with the warmer, late spring temperatures we experience in our region. Tight, non-stretching growth habit, with extra large blooms stand up to heat stress with less stretch even under hot and humid conditions. This popular series features extra large upward facing blooms up to 4” across, with a tight plant habit.

Matrix Pansies come in a rainbow of colors that can range from solid to blotch to two or more colors in one! The plants have superior branching that is able to support the abundant amount of blooms that are produced by each plant. The short stems resist stretching and are able to keep the blooms upright. The Matrix pansy blooms are considered mid-sized but with their 3-3.5″ blooms they are definitely at the high end of the curve.

Frizzle Sizzle Improved Pansies cover themselves in showy 3" ruffled flowers in shades of blue, burgundy and yellow on compact, 6-9" tall plants. Flowers show strongest ruffling in cool weather. Frizzle Sizzle pansies bloom early and are outstanding choices for both containers or beds.

Violas Sorbetcover the soil at flowering, with more blooms on every plant and less stretching. They stay compact in both heat and cold and are excellent for overwintering. They come in a wide range of clear colors allowing for custom mixes.

Our early spring vegetable crops are ready as well. Cole crops such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli which are cold tolerant, and leafy crops like lettuce var ieties which are less frost tolerant, are ready to be planted soon. If your garden space is ready, and you can protect the plants from frost, a gamble garden may be in order.

Save the date of March 9 for the next Drinks on the Acre. Come by early, between 5:00 and 6:00 PM for a tour of our production greenhouses. We have lots going on behind the scenes and would love to share with you!

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center