Hello, again!
I felt a little bit sorry for the semi truck driver who was making a delivery Monday morning at the west store. He had spent Sunday evening someplace in Tennessee and got into town sometime during the night. The truck's route originated in Florida with 53’ of foliage plants, most of it destined for us.

Truck drivers are fascinating people.  Monte, our driver was probably 40 years old. His athletic build and willingness to help unload the plants was very much appreciated. Many times the drivers arrive, and we unload. If it’s pallets we are unloading, it’s no big deal. But foliage plants, for the most part come ‘sleeved’ with kraft paper wrapper to protect them.  Smaller plants come in corrugated boxes. Either way, it’s off the truck one at a time.

Monte lives in Florida, where much of his outgoing shipments are from. He prefers to not go all the way to California, although it pays well. Driving since he was 19 years old as a professional driver, Monte has done it all, from being a limo driver to now an over-the-road truck driver.

The reason I feel bad for Monte, was when I asked if he’d been able to catch the Super Bowl, he said he wasn't able to. I know 49er's fans thought they had won another title midway into the 4th quarter, but it wasn’t to be. As you know, it was another fun come-from-behind victory for the Chiefs. I’ve seen reports that a million or more people will be attending the parade today in Kansas City.

Once we got Monte on his way, we were all like kids at Christmas time opening up the sleeves and boxes of foliage plants. Jeremy made a trip to Florida recently and toured many of our foliage supplier's facilities, picking out great plants for interior spaces. From flowering to foliage, all shapes and sizes, we have a great selection of plants at both of our locations.

Here are a few of my favorite plants from the shipment:

Tiny tropicals are great for dish gardens, terrariums, desks and counters. With so many types to choose from, they fill any need when looking for an indoor plant for a small space.
String of Dolphins - There aren't many plants more charming and whimsical than Senecio Peregrinus .
Alocasia or elephant ears, are a popular indoor and outdoor plant. Plant breeders are supplying us with many new colorful var ieties.  Enjoy them indoors now, and then outdoors in your landscape or patio this summer.
Ficus plants are very versatile plants, from compact braided Benjaminas to the large fiddle leaf fig for indoors or outside in the summer.
Cacti and succulents are always popular container plants. Mix them up for great looking mixed planters.
Calathea offer colorful foliage that give a splash of color indoors like no other group of plants.
Snake plant, or Sansevieria , are tall and slender plants that do a great job cleaning the air.
This is only a few of the huge number of plants we got in. ZZ plants, dracena, dieffenbachia, Chinese evergreen, blooming azaleas, tropical hibiscus and many more are in stock and ready for your home.   

By the way, Monte was heading to Denver to deliver the remainder of the plants, and then he was going to get with the dispatcher to pick up another load and deliver it someplace else. Preferably not California!
Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center