Hello, again!
It seemed to all happen overnight last week. The rain came, it warmed up and all of the sudden our plants started to grow. I haven't mowed at this point, but I imagine by the weekend my fescue blend turf will have been mowed, especially after this week's rain. Silver maples are budding; it’s always nice to see the buds swell. That's how you know gardening season is upon us.  

Perennials are pushing and our spring flowering bulbs are showing color. My single early purple tulips are blooming and soon ornamental pears, crabapples, and other flowering trees and shrubs will be blooming. I always look forward to the spring aroma of lilacs, and the fragrant viburnum species 'Juddii'.

Other plants such as our broadleaf weeds are growing as well. Soon enough we’ll be seeing the blue flowers of henbit, yellow flowers of dandelion and white blooms of clover. Dad always said a weed is a plant out of place. I remember on a bike ride several years ago, the little used trail up Fleecer Ridge was covered with dandelions and delphiniums. It was spectacular. On subsequent trips, the combination wasn’t like it was the first time. Message to self, if you want to take a photo of something, you better do it. There may not be another opportunity. Also a reminder, just because you don’t want dandelions in your yard, doesn't mean they aren't an important element of the diets of many flying and ground insects. Many types of bees and wasps, including the honeybee and bumblebee use dandelions as a food source. Other insects that eat dandelions include grasshoppers, mites, fireflies and butterflies. This is a great example of a plant being in the right place. 

To have those beneficial insects happy in your yard and landscape, I’d recommend planting pollinator plants to attract insects (and even maybe include a few dandelions in the mix!) 

If you’re not interested in having dandelions in your turf, use ferti-lome Weed Free Zone. Professional strength Weed Free Zone is a quick working broadleaf weed killer, and it's strong enough to kill mature weeds in your lawn. Weed Free Zone controls over 80 of the toughest-to-control broadleaf weeds including clover, bindweed, spurge, chickweed, dandelion, henbit, oxalis, poison ivy, purslane, shepherd's purse, thistle, black medic, wild onion and many others. It's also safe for use in fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, Bermudagrass, zoysia, and buffalograss.

I got a text this weekend from KAKE news anchor Shane Ewing. Being a new father, he has been pretty much preoccupied with other priorities the past couple of weeks. Shane does all of his own lawn work and was concerned that he had missed the window to put down ferti-lome for All Seasons Crabgrass Preventer. I assured him that the season had not passed him, and he still had at least a couple of weeks to get it applied.

Don't hesitate to swing by if you have any questions about your lawn or landscape. We're always happy to help!
Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Centers