Hello, again!

We’ve been hosting Facebook Live video segments the past couple of years. There are usually quite a few viewers each week as we discuss local gardening topics. During the holidays, Santa and his helper have done the 12 Tacky Days of Christmas. There was even one episode that Santa obviously dressed himself because his coat was on backwards! Typically, we follow the same topic that we share in our weekly enews and Thursday's midday news airing on KAKE-TV. If you've missed us there, we'll be back on the news once this social distancing thing is over. Don't worry, we'll be continuing Facebook Live!

Last week, we had a great audience on our Facebook Live! Our topic was an introduction to vegetable gardening. We covered the basics of soil prep and what to plant. Here is the link to the segment in case you missed it!

While we were getting set up, we had a couple of volunteers ask to give us a hand. With school being out, and it being a nice day outside school kids were out and about. Keane and Braxton asked to give us a hand. I thought this was a great opportunity for them to get some hands-on experience in beginning gardening. I love helping kids get started in the garden and was thrilled with their interest!

Braxton pulled weeds for a while, and Keane started organizing the seeds we wanted to plant. Once their planting started, with their parent's permission, they were all in! As the segment was in progress, Jeremy got Braxton started seeding beets, about 3 finger's distance apart. I got a chuckle noticing after a bit that the seed packet was dispensing the seeds much faster than one at a time! Keane enjoyed planting the Yukon Gold potatoes that were freshly cut into pieces.

I really think it’s good to get kids of all ages into gardening. If nothing else, when they are responsible for sourcing food on their own, they will appreciate what goes into growing a garden. Hopefully, they’ll be growing some of their own food in the future!

We tried a Zoom video chat later in the week, and it was fun learning how that works. I know our young staff probably already has it figured out. Our next Facebook Live is scheduled for this afternoon at 1:00. I hope you’ll join in live or watch it later. Follow us on Facebook, and we’ll let you know about our social media chat sessions.

I loved the row marker Braxton made for the potatoes; I’m sure I’ll save it for my office.

We’ll know in a few short days if any of the beet seedlings need to be thinned. If so, it’s really no big deal. It'll actually give the vegetables room to get established and grow! The boys will love the taste of fresh produce from the garden. They are excited to plant tomatoes and peppers soon!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

P.S. - We would love to see your kids and grandkids out in the garden this spring! If you post it to social media, tag us and use the hashtag #everykidinagarden!