Hello, again!

Usually, once we get to mid-May, we start making plans for summer. Where are we going on a summer vacation? During previous Mays for me, it was getting training miles on the bike in preparation for a long bike ride. Maybe 200 miles in the Flint Hills for the Dirty Kanza or long days riding the Rocky Mountains for the Tour Divide.

I recall one summer vacation, we went back to Hiram, Ohio to visit our cousins where our Uncle Wendell was a Mathematics professor. I think I’ve shared with you about the textbook he co-wrote. It was a textbook for non-Math majors. I recall finding the book several years ago on the secondary market. My intent was to read Uncle Wendell’s book, but I've just gotta say, I didn’t get too far into it. The highlights of the trip were watching the Cleveland Browns practice at Hiram College for their summer camp, and playing backyard football with the son of Browns' pro-bowler Bill Glass. Also on our way home, as we approached St. Louis, we saw the Arch under construction. I’d estimate it was 80% complete, with the void in the top of the arch not yet completed. That was really cool.

Well, there will be no long bike ride for me this year. Angie and I are planning a trip with the teardrop trailer, and cooking on the Skottle disc grill. We may go back to Westcliffe, Colorado where, if we're lucky, we will enjoy one of the darkest spots in the country for stargazing.

Mid to late-May is also the time for looking out for Bagworm hatches. While the hatch ‘window’ tends to move with the weather, the tiny larvae generally hatch in late May and early June and are dispersed with the wind to not only evergreens, but deciduous plants as well. One overwintering ‘bag’ can contain around 1,000 hungry larvae. Bagworms are easy to control while young and actively feeding. Natural Guard Spinosad is a very safe and effective organic control which only targets feeding larvae. Don’t put off controlling bagworms until they are adults. At that point, they're not eating as much, and they are more difficult to control.

Bill Glass retired after the 1968 season and published a memoir called You in the Game! This book is the life story of the "greatest defensive end for the Cleveland Browns". His book Stand Tall and Straight, written in 1967 with Stan Moser and Dr. Leslie E. Moser, advised young men on successful life skills, and went into several printings. Glass appeared in churches around the United States to promote the book, followed by a stint at Southwestern Seminary. He then worked with Rev. Billy Graham, who urged Glass to pursue life in the ministry. In 1969, he founded Bill Glass Ministries which focuses on ministry to prisoners all across America.

Wherever this summer takes you, I hope it leaves you with fond memories also.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

P.S. It is believed that one of the first uses of the term, “Fearsome Foursome”, to describe a defensive line, was applied to Detroit’s defensive line in 1960 consisting of Glass, end Darris McCord, tackle Alex Karras, and tackle Roger Brown.