Hello, again!

I always try to listen and plan accordingly to my friend KAKE-TV Meteorologist Frank Waugh when it comes to the weather forecast. When Frank says it’s going to rain, it’ll rain. Oftentimes, I hear people say something like, ‘I wish I could be right 50% of the time at my job and still get paid!' But I’ll be the first to stand up for our local forecasters. More times than not, they are pretty close on their forecasts.

Late last week in Frank’s forecast, he told us that this week was going to have precipitation most days. What have we had this week? Rain about every day. I’ll say though, we were starting to dry out a bit. I just had my sprinkler system readied for the season. Even though I haven't turned it on, I was thinking about it. We’ll see how the week ends up in rainfall. I’ll just say it’s been pleasant. Our plants are loving it.

Our turf responds well to rainfall as well. Thunderstorms provide a bit of nitrogen and will green our turf up a bit. One thing about not only rainfall, but irrigation of our turf, is it will move nitrogen that we have added with our early feedings of ferti-lome All-Seasons Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food. My lawn looks fantastic with the late fall and spring feedings, but by now much of the fertilizer has been used. I’ll apply ferti-lome Green Maker in late May which really helps green up the lawn! This premium lawn fertilizer, containing slow-release nitrogen, is designed for lawns and trees planted in alkaline soils. The addition of 10% sulfur helps correct excessive alkalinity while 5% iron makes lawns greener. On cool season turf Green Maker is the final feeding for the summer until we apply ferti-lome Winterizer in the fall.

Be sure to stop by the store. If you are like me and still need to plant vegetables and summer color, we still have a great selection to choose from. Our production crew is busy planting annuals, perennials and vegetables for planting on into the summer months.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center