Hello, again!

I always look forward to being outside in the summer. There's something freeing about working in the garden in shorts, a short sleeve shirt and floppy hat to keep the sun off. I love it when it’s time to wear my summer gear, including perspiration to keep myself cooled off. It’s finally time to work on my farmer’s (or cyclist's) tan. You know, tan lines just above the knee where the lycra or cargo shorts hit and in the middle of my upper arm where the T-shirt hits.

Things change when it gets to Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. Our time outdoors increases when we're grilling on the patio and enjoying time around the chiminea in the evenings. Angie and I also plan on getting the teardrop camper out more this year. Most of our plants kick into gear in the summer months also. Our summer blooming shrubs love the long warm days. Crape Myrtles start their all-summer show of color. Our annuals and perennials that were planted in the spring are now established and starting their blooming cycle.

Some of our fruiting plants are starting to produce wonderful produce to be enjoyed as well. Although our cool season turf takes a break during the hot summer months, our warm season turf var ieties such as bermuda grass, zoysia and buffalo lawns love the warm summer months, and it’s their time to shine. Unlike cool season turf var ieties which recover in the fall months, summer is when warm season lawns benefit from monthly feedings. All lawns do best in controlling weeds naturally by having a full, thick turf without spaces for weeds to become established. Warm season lawns are no different.

Products for warm season lawns are really no different than cool season lawns. Just the timing for applications is different. Green Maker from ferti-lome is specially formulated to be high in sulphur and iron, which is ideal for monthly feeding of warm season lawns during their growing season. With 1 lb. of actual nitrogen applied with each feeding, your warm season lawn will continue to perform its best all summer long.

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Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center