Hello again!

Who else is enjoying the fruits of labor from the garden? Maybe not too many fruits at this point, but how about vegetables? With the recent moisture, we've been enjoying produce from the garden recently; mainly radishes, green onions, and asparagus at this point. I know those who planted peas, carrots, lettuce, spinach and cole crops are enjoying home grown, fresh produce that they grew themselves. It’s pretty satisfying, isn’t it?  
I’ve been keeping the soil mounded around the potatoes, and adding straw and cottonseed hulls as a mulch around most everything in the garden to prevent weeds and retain moisture. A side dressing of your favorite garden fertilizer now will keep plants growing and setting on fruit. With the recent rains and growth the plants are putting on, it’s important to keep the heavy feeders growing. I’m using ferti-lome Gardener’s Special. For those of you who prefer to feed with organic products, I recommend Happy Frog Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer.

For a liquid fertilizer option, I like FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Buds & Blooms Liquid FertilizerAs our season progresses, I use a couple of natural controls as tools to prevent and control insects. Mites can be an issue on many food and ornamental plants. Natural Guard Organic Horticultural Oil is in a ready-to-spray applicator and controls insects, mites, and scale on roses, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants, and trees. Horticultural Oil works in both the dormant and growing seasons.
For other pests, I use Natural Guard Spinosad Ready-to-Spray to control bagworms, spider mites, tent caterpillars, and other chewing insects. It's labeled for use in the vegetable garden, lawn, and flower bed and is OMRI listed for organic use.
A couple other great products for sprucing up your lawn and landscape are ferti-lome Over-The-Top II Grass Killer and Hi-Yield Herbicide Weed and Grass Preventer with TreflanOver-The-Top is your one-stop selective herbicide for eliminating weedy grasses without injuring desirable plants - ornamentals and vegetables! Over-The-Top kills most annual weeds and hard-to-kill annual or perennial grasses safely.  
Hi-Yield Herbicide Weed and Grass Preventer is an easy way to prevent weed growth around ornamental trees, shrubs, listed flower and vegetable gardens and other areas where undesired weed growth may occur. Weed free flower beds and gardens can easily be yours. This product controls annual bluegrass, barnyardgrass, crabgrass, Johnson grass and many other grasses and weeds. 
One thing you’ll often hear me say on our Garden Time TV segments (Saturday and Sunday mornings on KAKE) is to always read, understand and follow the label directions for anything used on plants. If you’re not sure, give us a call.  
While looking for a salad recipe to use with items from the garden, I came across this radish and white bean recipe. With the beans I’ve been storing in the pantry, I think it’ll come out quite nice as the weather warms up.

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Johnson's Garden Centers