Hello again!

This time of the year, plants just — grow! As the season heats up, most plants perform at their best. Our summer annuals such as vinca, marigolds, rose moss and others thrive in the heat. Warm soil temperatures help as well. It’s fun early in the year to be a ‘gamble gardener’ not only with our vegetable plants but also with our summer color items, but most plants wait until it warms up to really start growing and doing their thing.

It’s important to continue to keep not only our plants in the ground fed, but those in containers as well. With the recent rain we’ve experienced, many of the soil nutrients are depleted. Nitrogen in the soil does not last a long time; it will leach out and the plants will get ‘hungry.’ Our container planters using prepared mixes typically have no nutrients added. These mixes are blended that way to allow gardeners to add their own nutrients for particular plants. As a rule, foliage plants want more nitrogen where flowering and fruiting plants want more phosphorus. It’s a great time to add those nutrients back in now.

I always use a balanced fertilizer in my containers, such as ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food. It has micronutrients and slow release, water insoluble nitrogen to aid in healthy plant growth. An advanced coating technology with polymer- and sulfur-coated urea provides gradual feeding, releasing consistent nutrients for up to 30 days. It’s great for in-ground plants or those in containers. It’s high in phosphorus, so it’s my go to for flowering and vegetable plants.

For foliage plants, I’ll use ferti-lome Hibiscus and Tropical Plant Food. Containing more nitrogen, it does wonders for foliage plants.

ferti-lome All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food is a balanced fertilizer that is water soluble and ideal as a constant feed (every time you water). It’s great for blooming and tropical plants and is my go-to feed in our production greenhouses.

With so many options for summer color available at the garden centers, it's a great time to continue to plant. If you are still in need of summer color for your patio, deck, containers or gardens, stop by the stores. We’re fully stocked with annuals, perennials, and flowering and foliage tropical plants.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center