Hello, again!

A couple of weeks ago, we visited about converting your existing turf to the "latest and greatest" tall fescue types for our region. Not only will you have the latest in disease resistance, you’ll also have a blend of seed that is denser, has a better appearance in both color and texture, and will have less of a tendency to clump.

Let’s first talk about the differences between grass seed mixes and blends. While they sound about the same, they are actually quite different. Grass mixes contain more than 1 grass species. While that’s not necessarily bad, they typically contain fescue, bluegrass, and ryegrass species that tend to not be as adapted to our region. Grass seed blends contain only a single species, but several types. Our Gard’n-Wise Premium Turf Type Fescue Blend contains 5 types of turf type fescues that will blend together very well. So well, in fact, that you won't be able to see the difference in them. Being certified by the state of origin to be weed free and no other crop seeds in the blend, it is assured that you will not be introducing anything but the best types of fescue into your lawn.

Not only do we have the best grass seed blends for our area, we also have seed racks full of fall vegetables like lettuce, radish, beans, squash and others. We have also grown cole crops such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower which will thrive well past the first freeze later this year. As our spring gardens get tired this summer, it’s a great time to replace some of those plants with vigorous starts or seeds now.

We’ve also been busy growing some late summer annuals to add some color to your home or garden. We’ll have our homegrown garden mums soon for fall color, but our crop of heat loving Penta is ready this week. With several colors available, there will surely be one to go with your color theme.

We’ve grown a fun planter for the summer and fall. We are calling it our Caprese Sandwich (or Salad) combination planter. The planter has all of the herbs and tomatoes you need to create pesto. Add a slice of mozzarella for a sandwich or salad. Included in the planter is a patio dwarf tomato plant, Italian parsley and Genovese basil in a decorative planter for your deck or patio. With fruit setting on and established herbs, you’ll be enjoying your own Caprese soon!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center