Hello, again!

Nights in the 60’s, days in the 80’s make for perfect conditions for fall seeding of our cool season lawns. Many times, it’s after Labor Day when we have this cooler weather, but I’ll take it now. I love sleeping with the windows open, enjoying coffee on the patio in the morning, and cool-weather gardening. It’s all good.

In nature, fall is the time of the year when plants distribute seeds and new plants are started. Cool, moist weather, and warm soil temperature make for fast seed germination and establishment of the new plants.

Here are a few tips for getting seed started in the fall:

Buy the best seed available for your region. KSU has been involved in turfgrass research in the Wichita area for years. Gard’N-Wise Premium Fescue Blend has seed var ieties selected based on this research. In an enews last month, we talked about this blend.

Good seed-to-soil contact is important in establishing new turf. As the seeds germinate in contact with the soil, roots develop quickly and a higher percentage of seeds grow. Without good soil contact, some of the newly emerged seed will dry up. I mow the lawn short, hand rake small areas or use a lawn comber on large areas to create a place for the seed to germinate. To reserve a comber for your fall seeding projects, just call the store before you arrive.

Use ferti-lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer. It's a balanced fertilizer that's specially formulated to encourage grass seed to develop healthy roots and stems before beginning rapid growth. It's also formulated to fertilize sod, and can be used when sprigging new grass. A 20 lb. bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. By purchasing both the grass seed blend and fertilizer at the same time you’ll save over $10 with our Seeding Package.

Another thing KSU recommends is fertilization of cool season grasses in the fall. I fertilize not only new lawns, but existing lawns at least twice in the fall with ferti-lome Winterizer. A month after seeding, the new grass plants will benefit with an application of Winterizer. In late October, I’ll apply ferti-lome Weed Out plus Lawn Fertilizer for control of any fall germinated broadleaf weeds.

If you have any questions on lawn seeding this fall, stop by our stores. We’re here to help. We also have fall grass seeding seminars; call the stores to sign up.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center