Hello again!

We are like kids on summer vacation asking our parents, ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘How much farther?’ Except around the store the past few weeks it’s been, ‘How’s the Hatch green chile crop this year?', ‘When will the peppers arrive?’ and ‘When will we start roasting?’ I have just been answering that we should make sure the cooler is cleaned out and ready for the chile any time.

Now I have answers to all of these questions! Jeremy sent me a photo of the chile being unloaded yesterday, August 2nd. About the same time every year, the first week of August or so, we fill up our cooler with green chile from southern New Mexico. We have started fire roasting chiles at both stores, so if you are wanting a bushel of freshly roasted peppers we are ready to share the experience with you.

If you’ve not experienced the roasting of the peppers, come in and see how it's done. You’ll become addicted to the sound, aroma and taste of it. When frequently asked about how to use chile, I direct people to our Pork Green Chile recipe along with other ideas for use of these special peppers. For more of our favorite recipes, pick up one of our recipe books at the store while you’re picking up your chile. If you are wanting to give green chile a try and are not ready for a half or full bushel, try one of our starter bags containing about 3 pounds of chile, just enough for a couple of dishes.

Check out Johnson's Garden Time show for more information on why we love this green chile.

Speaking of Hatch green chile, Johnson's 9th Annual Iron Chilehead is August 20th! Don’t miss out on the region's favorite craft breweries competing for the best Hatch green chile beer as well as a great selection of Wichita's food trucks sharing their favorite Hatch recipes. Order tickets at IronChileHead.com or purchase them at the stores today!

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center