Hello again!

My Brother Linden was cleaning out a storage shed recently and mentioned an old push lawn mower that had been in the family for a while. It’s a heavy steel decked, maybe 4-hp Briggs & Stratton engine that ‘may run’ with some work. OK, I’m sentimental about machines, counters and almost anything from our company's past. Somehow Linden thought his time of stewardship was over, and it was my turn to be the steward of the decades-old mower. A day or two later Linden showed up with this tank-of-a-push-mower.

Being pretty mechanical, Linden suggested we pour some gas in the carburetor to see if we could get it running. After a couple of pulls on the cord, it coughed and sputtered a bit. He suggested that with a new carburetor it possibly would run. ‘Ok,’ I said. 'I’ll run it up to the Rental Ranch and see if Mel and Mike can get it going.' After a week or so of online searching for parts, Mike called and said it was ready to pick up. He was actually pretty impressed with it, saying that, ‘They don’t make them like this anymore!’ There was no smoke coming from the 1983 engine and it would work fine on mowing rough areas. I know the shop was jealous of my newly prized mower!

I always talk shop with Mel when I’m at the shop; it’s one of the last OG mower shops around. Naturally we talked about the weather and the upcoming fall seeding season. Mel mentioned he had not wanted to rent lawn equipment to his customers in late August/early September for seeding because of the hot weather. He was giving good advice for this year.

Many years we get a nice break in the weather in August and planting a cool season lawn early can be good. But if you’ve waited until now to seed, I think it is best. Finally some nights are in the 50’s and daytime temperatures are dropping, so it's an ideal time to plant fescue seed for success in turf establishment this fall. With your investment in resources - time, money and effort, I will always insist on Gard’N-Wise Premium Fescue Blend grass seed. Tested by KSU in the area, this blend of turf type fescue var ieties are very highly rated. Because it is weed free, you will not be introducing unwanted weeds into your lawn, especially not noxious weeds.

Well, after a couple of pulls the almost 40-year-old mower fired up and was knocking down 18” tall weeds with no effort at all. I think Linden may have been surprised with the picture I sent him of the results. Like the mower and Gard’N-Wise fescue seed, sometimes a tried-and-true solution is the best solution.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center