Hello, again!

We always meet memorable people on our trips. Earlier this summer, we met David, our camp host. Most recently, it was our host at The Boxcar Cafe in Chama, New Mexico. Angie and I spent last week in New Mexico visiting friends. A few days in Albuquerque with Bill and Pam, then on to Santa Fe and Taos. On our way into Colorado, we came upon the small town of Chama, NM. I’m always looking for a spot for some Hatch Green Chile, and this quaint cafe looked like a good one. Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a young man - in his 30’s I would guess. He seated us as he was refilling drinks and bussing tables. He seemed to know what was going on, so when we were ready to order lunch; I caught his eye and started ordering. “Oh, I’m just the busboy”, he said with a smile - obviously proud of his position at the Boxcar.

Trying to guess his name, I suggested “Jim” to Angie. So I asked him. “It’s James,” he said with a handshake and a smile. Yes, he looked like a “James”. When we were checking out, I wanted to make sure that James was included in the tips. If not I was going to slip him a $5 bill. With that smile, he responded that he was included.

Once we returned home, we soon realized that the temperature was about the same in Wichita as the Rockies. However, the cool mornings and less humidity really was nice while we were away. Thankfully, our fall conditions are arriving here, with a bit of rain this week and the temperatures trending down as we approach the first official day of fall next week.

With fall, we recommend an application of ferti-lome Winterizer. It is formulated to protect, nourish, and strengthen grass roots during the winter months. When it’s applied in the fall, Winterizer will pay dividends in the spring making your cool season lawn healthier and more disease-resistant, even after a long, cold winter.

Trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, and evergreens will also benefit from a fall application of Winterizer. Kansas State University recommends the equivalent of three applications in the fall for optimum results. I’ll apply at the recommended rate in the middle of each month starting now through November.

Stop by the stores! We are ready for fall with our home grown mums in stock, as well as pumpkins, ornamental gourds and corn stalks for decorating. Our first (of many) deliveries of pansies have arrived and spring flowering bulbs are arriving soon.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center