Hello, again!

My best friend and I headed up to Manhattan the summer of 1975 to attend Kansas State University. Ed was in Architecture school; I was in Horticulture. We met at North High School here in Wichita, and also went to West Side Christian Church together.

What really connected the two of us was cars. Ed got me into Volvos at an early age. He had a sweet red 142, the one with the tractor shifter. My VRO (Volvo Racing Orange) had a short throw shifter. I remember one of the first times going over to his house and watching IROC (International Race of Champions) Porsches racing on TV. I’m sure some of you remember IROC Camaros, but the early IROC cars were identically prepared Porsche 911s. The IROC series called upon drivers from var ied racing disciplines; including Indy Car, Formula 1, SCCA, World of Outlaws and of course, NASCAR.

We attended sports car races across the region from Ponca City to our favorite race, the Lake Afton Grand Prix. Ed and I would get press passes to get better access to the action, the cars and drivers.

In Manhattan, we roomed together at Manhattan Christian College, which was across the street from the KSU campus. We loved making the drive up to Manhattan, through the Flint Hills. Our favorite part of the trip was driving our Volvos on the winding McDowell creek road, from I-70 up to Manhattan. What great memories!

I’ll never forget waking up one night in our dorm room. The light was on, and I saw Ed kneeling down in the corner shooting rubber bands at a cricket! The male cricket rubbing its wings together to attract its mate woke Ed up. We still laugh about that to this day!

We didn't know it then, but there are easier ways to control crickets. My product of choice is Hi-Yield Turf Ranger. I apply a band of Turf Ranger around my house with a fertilizer spreader to control these and most other home invading insects for weeks. For insect control indoors, I like ferti-lome Ant and Roach Killer.

We have other safe and effective DIY controls for pests both inside and outside, including insects that keep you awake at night. Come visit with us, and we'll get you all set up.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center

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