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Tree & Shrub Guarantee

  • Regular Warranty: When planted by Johnson’s Garden Centers, trees and shrubs are warranted for replacement at 100% of the actual purchase price for ONE YEAR. When planted by the customer, trees and shrubs are warranted for replacement at 100% of the actual purchase price for SIX MONTHS. REGULAR WARRANTY CONDITIONS: Sale items are warranted for replacement at the sale price. Save your sales receipt in case replacement is necessary. If you have concerns about your plant, contact the store for an evaluation of the conditions and we will help you with a plan of care or replacement. Trees and shrubs will be replaced just one time. Trees and shrubs that have been damaged by circumstances beyond our control will not be replaced. Warranty does not apply if your account is not current. Warranty does not apply to commercial customers. No cash refunds.

  • 5-year Myke Warranty: When planted with MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB, trees and shrubs are warranted for five years. 5-YEAR MYKE WARRANTY CONDITIONS: All Regular Warranty Conditions listed above also apply to the 5-YEAR MYKE® WARRANTY. (EXCEPTION- -Valid only on trees and shrubs installed and/or purchased at regular price.) Valid only on trees and shrubs valued at $200 or less. Trees valued over $200 will be warranted for a $200 maximum value. Replacement will be equal to the original purchase price of the plant (up to $200), not taking into consideration its growth in size over the life of the warranty. The tree or shrub must be planted with MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB in accordance with the planting instructions received with your purchase. Customer must provide a sales receipt with proof of purchase of the plant and the MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB. Warranty does not apply to blueberries, rhododendrons, azaleas and roses. In the event a property is sold, the warranty is not transferable to the new homeowner. Trees and shrubs planted by Johnson’s Garden Centers using MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB are warranted for replacement during the first year according to Johnson’s Regular Warranty above. After the first year, all labor charges for removal or planting are the responsibility of the customer.

Garden Product Returns

Like many retailers, we guarantee our products; if an item hasn’t met your expectations, you can bring it back. Unlike most retailers, we also guarantee the product selection advice offered through our catalog, website, and staff; if an item you’ve purchased based on this advice turns out to be unsuitable, you can bring it back. In either case, simply return the item for exchange, refund, repair, or credit.

If you have any questions about our guarantee, please, email us at askus@johnsonsgarden.com, talk to the store managers of any location, or call us at our Main Office 316.942.3751.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges can be made at any one of our stores, or by mail. Please call our Main Office, if you wish to return or cancel an order placed online. Please note: Our retail stores cannot accept returns by mail or courier.