Hello again!

Who doesn’t remember Jack LaLane, commonly referred to as the Godfather of Fitness? I remember watching him on TV years ago, showing us how workout in our homes. It seems that Jack was a pioneer of incorporating nutrition into fitness and informing the general public of how eating a proper diet could change your life. Well, you should meet my friend Matt Smith. He’s what I’d call the Godfather of Fitness Today. An avid cyclist, Matt rides single speed bikes, or bikes with only 1 gear. A fitness fanatic, he also uses sledge hammers from estate sales for his workouts. Oh, and he's a health nut, as he eats mostly non-processed food. 

At Matt's prompting, I've recently been looking into the benefits of eating beets. They contain anti-cancer properties, betaine (a natural anti-inflammatory agent that supports heart health), as well as important minerals and vitamins including B1, B2, B12 and C, iron, copper, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, and potassium.

Knowing that now is the time for early vegetables, I decided that I need to plant a few beets this spring while I’m planting lettuce, radishes, cole crops (broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc.), potatoes and onion plants.  

We have started many vegetable garden plants as transplants to help you to get a jump on the season. Others, like beets, do better planted as seeds. Looking at the packet of Detroit Dark Red beets, I did a little math. With about 1500 seeds per ounce, $3.00 worth of seeds would feed a family of 4 for a year on only 1 packet of seeds! With several var ieties of beets available, I'm going to plant a couple of different var ieties in my garden.

Matt went on to say that in his retirement, he’s not wanting to plant a large garden. I reminded him that more people are gardening in small spaces, and incorporating edible plants into their landscapes. 

Spring is here at the stores. We are stocking up our annual, perennial and nursery departments more and more each week. Our home-grown pansies are showing lots of color. Our friend Piet Stuifbergen has sent us summer flowering bulbs such as elephant ears, cannas, dahlias and more.

If you see a cyclist on the bike path in a sleeveless Iron ChileHead jersey, on a single speed bike, give him a honk and a wave; it’s probably Matt.

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center