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The Healing Chair believes that a warm embrace has the power to heal. Through the comfort of The Healing Chair and a circle of caring survivors and friends, their mission is to embrace and support breast cancer patients during the healing process. They loan reclining lift chairs to mastectomy patients to aid in their recovery at home after they are released from the hospital. Johnson's is proud to support The Healing Chair.

Requests for chairs can be made through a personal referral from a doctor or nurse, or through The Healing Chair website at www.healingchair.org.

Financial donations to support The Healing Chair mission can be made at www.healingchair.org.

Beverly's Story

How did you hear about The Healing Chair?

After my first appointment with breast surgeon Dr. Therese Cusick, her team handed me an informational sheet about The Healing Chair.  I was told there were two chairs currently in Wichita and it’d be a huge help to me in my recovery.

What emotions did you feel when you received your diagnosis?

It’s pure shock.  I intellectually understood what was happening but it was very difficult to wrap my brain around the new reality that I had breast cancer.  I was the ONE of “1-in-8” women who get breast cancer. Then the waiting you endure at the beginning of the process….waiting for test results, waiting for a treatment plan. It’s emotional terrorism.

What did you feel when your chair was delivered?

I felt a little guilty, honestly.  Surely there were many women far worse off than me who needed this beautiful chair more than I did.  It was a feeling of utter grace when Cheryl and Marty delivered the chair to our home.

How did you feel when you sat in the chair after your surgery? 

At peace.  I was home and ready to recover and heal. I felt wrapped in comfort and prayer from all the women who’d been there before me. It was a palpable feeling for me.

How did having a Healing Chair change your breast cancer experience and your outlook going forward?

Having the chair meant I could get up and down alone, which meant the four days my husband spent off work were plenty.  I was independent from the start because of the chair.  It was a safe place of quiet and refuge and prayer and lots of long naps while I was healing.  

How did your family react to the chair?

My husband, Scott, was happy to have the chair in our bedroom so he could keep an eye on me. It gave him comfort that the chair’s ability to help me stand meant I’d be able to get up in the middle of the night on my own. Every night he tucked in a sheet and a blanket on the chair and made sure it was just right.  It was a sweet ritual.

What advice would you give someone else going through this experience?

I would remind that we heal in body, mind, and spirit. All three parts are important and it takes some time. I’d also assure someone that there will be a morning when you awake and your first thought is, “Oh no, I forgot to buy milk.” Instead of—"Oh no, I have cancer.”  There is life and light and joy ahead.

What is the BEST memory you had with your Healing Chair?

Naps in the Healing Chair were the best.  I healed in January.  With an electric blanket and my cat, Zac, in my lap.  Netflix and naps in the chair helped me heal.