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ferti-lome F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide (16 oz.)

Lawns and plants with fungus need F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide from ferti-lome. Use F-Stop on roses, flowers, shrubs, berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lawns. It's most effective when it's used to prevent fungus, so begin application early in the season if conditions are cloudy and rainy or where disease has been present in prior years. F-Stop controls common fungus such as powdery mildew, black spot, rust, blights, scab, leaf spot, brown patch, and others. Do not apply when temperatures are higher than 90 degrees. 16 oz. concentrate bottle. 

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In stock

When should it be used? When disease is present. 
Where should it be used? For use on roses, flowers, ornamental shrubs, berries, fruit, nuts, vegetables and lawns. Do not use near ponds.
What diseases are controlled? Powdery mildew, black spot, rust, blights, scab, brown rot, leaf spot, brown patch, dollar spot, red thread, summer patch, melting out and others. 
What is the coverage area? One 16 oz. bottle covers 750 sq. ft.
How is it applied? Mix in a sprayer per package directions. Spray to wet plant surfaces, covering both upper and lower leaf surfaces. Apply to the point when spray just begins to run off the leaves. Treat once every 2 weeks on ornamental shrubs and flowers throughout the growing season until diseases are no longer present. On roses, treat once every 7 to 10 days if black spot is present. Start application when the lawn begins to turn green in the spring or when signs of disease are present. Rainproof in 2 hours. 
What is the active ingredient? 1% Myclobutanil.

Please read and follow all package instructions.

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