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ferti-lome Gardener's Special Plant Food (4 lbs.)

For veggies, Johnson's go-to fertilizer is ferti-lome Gardener's Special Plant Food. We've sold this all-purpose fertilizer for decades, and there's a reason why. Gardener's Special contains both fast and slow release nitrogen, plus necessary trace elements to help increase plant development and crop yield. These elements are especially important, because they're depleted quickly from the soil by high demand vegetable plants. Gardener's Choice can also be used on bedding plants, flowers, bulbs, roses, evergreens, ornamental plants, and shrubs. 4 pound bag. 

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In stock

When should it be used? Work into the top 6 to 14 inches of soil before planting. After planting, follow package directions per plant var iety. 
Where should it be used? For vegetables, bedding plants, flowers, bulbs, roses, evergreens, ornamental plants, and shrubs. 
What is the coverage area? For tomatoes and peppers, mix ¾ to 1 lb. per 25 ft. of row into the top 4-6 in. of soil prior to planting. After blossoms set, side fertilize plants with ¾ lb. per 25 ft. of row, and water in well. For roses, azaleas, and other ornament trees and shrubs, sprinkle a light coating out to the spread of the widest branches at the rate of ½ heaping tablespoon per new plant, and ½ cup for each 3 ft. of height for established plants. Mix lightly into the soil and water well.
What is the active ingredient? Nitrogen, phosphate, soluble potash, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc.
What is the fertilizer content? 11-15-11 (11 nitrogen - 15 phosphorus - 11 potassium).

Please read and follow all package instructions. 

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