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ferti-lome Tomato and Vegetable Food (20 lbs.)

A great homegrown tomato starts with ferti-lome Tomato and Vegetable Food! Tomato and Vegetable Food from ferti-lome is formulated for improved growth, bigger yield, and better flavor. Includes both fertilizer and beneficial micronutrients. Marty likes to side dress tomato plants with Tomato and Vegetable Food monthly during the growing season. Granules. 20 lb. bag. 

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In stock

Where should it be used? For use on tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions, beans, peas, corn, okra, and other vegetable plants. 
What is the coverage area? Initial application for tomatoes and peppers: 1 pound every 50 feet of row. For root crops: 1 pound every 25 feet of row. For other vegetables: 3/4 pound every 50 feet of row. 
What is the active ingredient? Nitrogen; phosphate; soluble potash; boron; copper; iron; manganese; and zinc. 
What is the fertilizer content? 7 - 22 - 8 (7 nitrogen - 22 phosphorus - 8 potassium). 

Please read and follow all package instructions.

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