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ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Drench (32 oz.)

When used before they attack, ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench will prevent many insects all season long on non-edible trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. We recommend using it every spring. Simply mix with water and pour it under the plant's dripline. It moves down through the soil and is absorbed by the plant's roots for protection on old and new growth, all season long. 32 fl. oz. bottle. 

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In stock

When should it be used? At the beginning of the growing season as a preventitive. 
Where should it be used? For use on trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. Do not use on edible plants or near bodies of water. 
What insects are controlled? Controls Adelgids, Aphids, Billbug, Crane Fly Larvae, Leaf Beetles (including Elm Leaf Beetles and Viburnum Leaf Beetles), Vine Weevil Larvae (Including Black Vine Weevil), Leafhoppers (including Glassy-winged Sharpshooter), Roundheaded Borers (Including Asian Long horned Beetle and Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer), Flatheaded (Including Bronze Birch Alder, and Emerald Ash Borers), Leafminers (Including Birch Leafminers), Mealybugs, Pine Tip Moth Larvae, Japanese Beetles (Adult), Psyllids, Lacebugs, Royal Palm Bugs, Sawfly Larvae, Scales (Includes Armored Scale [Suppression] and Soft Scale), Thrips, and Whiteflies.
What is the coverage area? Trees: 1 oz. per inch of distance around trunk. Shrubs: 3 oz. per foot of height.
What is the active ingredient? Imidacloprid, 1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl) methyl]-N-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine.

Please read and follow all package instructions.

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