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How to Plant Potatoes

Mid-March -- St. Patrick’s Day -- is a traditional time to plant spring potatoes in Kansas; or plant early to mid July for a fall harvest. Ten to twelve pounds of seed potatoes will plant a 100 ft. row.

  • • Cut seed potatoes into 11⁄2 - 2 in. pieces, each with one or two good eyes (buds).
  • • Allow cut surfaces to heal (dry), usually about a week.
  • • Plant the pieces eye up about 4 ins. deep and 12 ins. apart in rows 2-3 ft. apart.

Days to Maturity:

    • • Early var ieties 90-110 days - Norland (red, early); Lasoda (red, early); Dakota (white, early)
    • • Mid-season var ieties 100-120 days - Viking (red, mid); Yukon Gold (yellow, mid); Burbank (russet, mid)
    • • Late var ieties 110-140 days - Kennebec (white, late)

How to Plant Onions & Garlic

GREEN ONIONS - plant 1-2 inches deep and 2 inches apart

SLICING ONIONS - plant 1-2 inches deep and 4 inches apart

Plant in rows 18-24 inches apart; matures in 60-90 days

    • Plant onion sets or plants in well-drained soil, high in organic content
    • Mix Johnson's Soil Recipe into the soil before planting (listed below).
    • Water regularly. Fertilize with ferti-lome Gardener's Special (11-15-11) every 3 weeks.


    • Break apart; plant a single clove 2 inches deep, 4-5 inches apart.
    • Harvest when leaves yellow and start to fall over.

Johnson's Soil Recipe

    • Three 2 cu. ft. bags Cotton Burr Compost
    • 4 lbs. Hi-Yield Bone Meal
    • 4 lbs. ferti-lome Gardener's Special

Till amendments into your soil before planting (covers 100 sq. ft. area).

To prevent grassy weeds sprinkle Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules, following recommendations on the package label.