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The amazing thing about gardening is the fact that anyone can garden no matter their interests or abilities. There are gardens perfect for the absent minded and the perfectionist; gardens for the young and the old, indoorsy and the outdoorsy. No matter which category you fall into, we want you to be successful and to fall in love with the hobby that keeps on giving, and giving.

Indoor Gardening
We like to call our indoor gardening, or hydroponics, department, a store within a store. You will find a full line of hydroponics equipment, grow lights and growing media, as well as associates who are well versed in hydroponics. If you're interested in hydroponics, but are unsure as to where to begin stop by Johnson's West 13th St. location and we will get you started in no time. If you already know what you need to continue on your hydroponic ways, we encourage you to shop directly from our website. If you have questions, feel free to utilize our live chat feature in the bottom right of our website.

Outdoor Gardening
Outdoor gardening can be extremely rewarding, but maybe you don't feel like you have the space to grow an adequate vegetable garden. Really, there are few spaces too small, it's all about how well you plan and maximize your space. You can also increase plant and vegetable quality by adding nutrients like compost, fertilizer, and microbes to the soil. Outdoor gardening also entails non-edible plants like annuals and perennials. We bring in top quality plants from growers who are focused on providing quality plants at quality prices, which we strive to pass on to you. You will also find exclusive plants that you can't find anywhere else in the region. Stop by and talk to our associates about what plants will work best for you and your situation.