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Soil Recipe

A healthy soil is the best way to ensure success with whatever you choose to plant.  While there is merit to soil testing, Johnson's has developed what we feel is a great package to improve virtually any soil-whether you have heavy clay, or pure sand.

  • Three 2-cu. ft. bags Cotton Boll Compost
  • 4 lbs. Hi-Yield Bone Meal
  • 4 lbs. ferti•lome Gardener’s Special
  • 1 lb. Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules Weed and Grass Stopper (Treflan)
    (Covers 100 sq. ft.)

To improve the health and condition of your soil before spring planting, add the first three amendments to your soil. Mix in well with a tiller or a garden shovel to about 8-12” deep. Deeper is OK, but not always practical in heavy clay soils. Never till or work up your soil when it is too wet. You’ll create hard clods that may be difficult to break up. Be patient. Wait until the soil has dried to a crumbly consistency.

After planting, sprinkle Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper on top of the soil and around your plants to prevent annual weeds (such as crabgrass) from germinating.

The following is a list of Soil Recipe ingredients and the benefits each provides for your soil and your plants:

Cotton Boll Compost
100% organic compost that improves poor soil immediately by restoring vital organic matter and humus. It increases moisture-holding capacity of sandy soils and is unsurpassed at breaking up clay soils. Cotton Boll Compost is acidified and adds beneficial microorganisms to the soil.

Hi-Yield Bone Meal (0-10-0)
Provides a slow release form of natural phosphorus to help plants produce sturdy root systems, hasten maturity and stimulate plant growth.

ferti•lome Gardener’s Special (11-15-11)
An excellent all-purpose plant food that contains both fast and slow release nitrogen. It provides a generous supply of plant nutrients needed for healthy growth and contains necessary trace elements to aid in development of plant and crop yield.

Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules Weed and Grass Stopper (Treflan)
Provides pre-emergent weed and grass control in flower beds, around trees, shrubs and certain vegetables. Provides excellent control when applied prior to mulching of planting bed areas.