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Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate (4 lbs.)

Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate contains calcium and nitrogen, two important nutrients that vegetable plants need for the prevention of Blossom End Rot. Johnson's recommends using Calcium Nitrate on your tomatoes and peppers as a preventative measure. How do you know if your tomatoes or peppers have Blossom End Rot? Blossom End Rot is caused by a lack of calcium. When fruits grow quickly, sufficient amounts of calcium fail to reach the end of the fruit resulting in a deficiency. Blossom End Rot begins as a small, water soaked spot. The spot develops into a dark brown, leathery area on the bottom end of the fruit. The surface of the spot shrinks and becomes flattened or sunken. Prevent Blossom End Rot with Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate. 4 pound bag. 

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In stock

When should it be used? Anytime during the growing season. Apply during the coolest part of the day.
Where should it be used? Primarily for use in vegetable gardens to prevent Blossom End Rot on tomatoes and peppers. 
How is it applied? Apply as a side dressing.
What is the application rate? Apply to the soil at the rate of 1 cup per 50 feet of row or 1 level teaspoon per each plant. Apply to the root growing area of the plant avoiding direct contact with the plant. Do not apply within 2 inches of the plant stem. Water in after application. A second application 2 weeks after the initial application is recommended. Subsequent applications may be made as needed. 
What is the active ingredient? Nitrogen, calcium.  
What is the fertilizer content? 15.5 - 0 - 0 (15.5 nitrogen - 0 phosphorus - 0 potassium).

Please read and follow all package instructions. 

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