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Gardening in containers is a great way to add color and natural beauty to your environment. Accentuate a deck or patio with colorful pots of annuals. Fill window boxes with trailing blooms so you can enjoy the view from inside and out. Take advantage of the flexibility of container gardens to decorate an area for a party and then move them back after the festivities are over. Use containers on steps, balconies, fences; and around trees, mailboxes and flagpoles.

How to Do-It-Yourself

1. Select a container that has a bottom hole for drainage.

2. Use a well-draining potting mix such as ferti•lome Ultimate Potting Mix.

3. Add a slow-release fertilizer like ferti•lome Start-N-Grow and Soil Moist to increase the moisture holding ability of the potting soil, or use a potting mix which already has these ingredients. The fertilizer in these mixes is very minimal so remember to fertilize during the season with ferti•lome Blooming & Rooting (9-59-8) soluble plant food.

4. Choose your plants according to the sun exposure they will receive—full sun, afternoon shade or shade. Check out our page on Annuals & Perennials if you need a little help!

5. Place plants closer together than you would if planting in the ground, but allow a little space for growth.

Check moisture daily. To determine if your plants need water, stick your finger into the soil. If the soil feels dry give it water until it’s running out of the drainage hole.

Design Tips

1. Use a variety of plants for color and texture.

2. Plant taller varieties toward the center or back of the container, depending on whether it will be viewed from one side or all around.

3. Surround the center plant with low to medium growing plants.

4. Finish with trailing plants around the edge.

Patio Containers

Established Planters

Patio Planters make great gifts for many occasions! Mom would love one for Mother's Day in May, or her birthday in July. They also make great gifts for Memorial Day, Father's Day, even May Day! They're great for anyday, and they spruce up a porch or patio marvelously. Patio Planters also provide instant gratification, with little to no work at all. All you have to do is water them when they go dry! We grow them in a variety of textures and colors to fit most people's tastes, so you're sure to find one you or your loved one will love.