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One question we get often from our customers is "What's the difference in annuals and perennials? I know one of them comes back, but I can't remember which one does" Here is the quick answer...

Annual flowers -

  • Live for one growing season, spring until a hard freeze in the fall.
  • Once plant reaches blooming stage, it will continue to bloom all season
  • In nature, seeds are distributed in the summer, germinate in the spring and repeat the cycle
  • Complete life cycle in 1 growing season

Perennial flowers -

  • Live multiple seasons
  • Plant goes dormant with a hard freeze, regrows the following year
  • Flowers at one time during the growing season, although many perennials bloom for many weeks.

Some of our favorite perennials include :

Hosta - beautiful, colorful leaves, nice bell shaped flowers in the summer, many different plant sizes and color variegations to select from.

Huchera - Many leaf colors to choose from, like orange, brown, burgandy, speckled, and green with dainty bell shaped flowers in the summer.

May Night Salvia - Is a perennial that does well as an accent plant, or a great border plant that is in bloom presently. This 18" high plant has beautiful dark blue flower spikes that when the spent flowers are removed will repeat the bloom cycle!