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Ask an Expert

This question came from one of our avid radio listeners…

Is it too late to transplant dwarf spirea bushes?

Thanks for being one of our followers. Fall and Winter is really the best time for transplanting plants. From now until the plants start to leaf out the plants are dormant and can be moved successfully. Be sure to get as many roots as possible. One can 'bare root' the plant - remove all the soil, or move the plant with soil. The bare root method is used frequently when dividing the plant. Either way, be sure to water in with Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator, mulch and keep watered during the winter months. I would also recommend doing a light pruning at the same time.

This question is from Gard'n Wise Fescue in Wichita:

 I just finished seeding my lawn with the Gard-'N-Wise Premium Fescue Blend. The grass is doing great but growing along with the grass throughout the entire yard is something I can't identify.

No other weeds or strange things are growing. Just the grass and whatever the other thing is. I would like to know if what is growing is normal for this grass seed mixture or is my lawn being attacked by something I need to treat?

What you are seeing in your new lawn is henbit. This fall germinating annual broadleaf weed was seeded last spring when those purple flowered weeds sent their seeds flying. They lay dormant all summer and in the fall, with cooler days and moisture, they germinate.

At the same time, when we over-seed lawns, we use a lawn comber to open up the soil to allow our grass seed to come into contact with the soil, allowing the weed seed to germinate at the same time. After you have mowed the new grass at least twice, you can apply Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone, spray or with a fertilizer and it will kill the small weeds quickly. I would wait until mid October to apply.

Thanks for your question,
Marty Johnson

Fertilizing Container Gardens

How do I fertilize my container grown vegetables and herbs?

"I recommend using a water soluble fertilizer every other time you water.  ferti-lome Blooming & Rooting or Foxfarm Tiger Bloom for fruiting plants, and ferti-lome 20-20-20 or Foxfarm Grow Big for herbs and leafy vegetables."