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The Biedermann Story

For generations families near Stuttgart, Germany have engaged in ornament cutting. They design their own unique decorations to give to friends and relatives as gifts during the holiday season. The Biedermann family originated the creation of a single Christmas ornament commemorating each year, drawing on the talent from this region. In the fall of 1970 several artisan families were chosen to design and cut the first ornament, which depicted the town square of Schwaebisch Gmuend. Since that first edition, each year a group of artists has selected a single design from those submitted by the townspeople and the ornament for the coming season is created. This is now a tradition that the people of Schwaebisch Gmuend and America cherish. Designs through the years have been selected from those created by school children and adults alike. Master Cutter Georg Neumaier directs the production of the Biedermann Commemorative Ornament and is also involved in selecting the year's winning design.

How Biedermann Ornaments are Made

Courtesy of Martin Schmidt

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