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Christmas At Johnson's

5 Reasons to go with Fir Trees from Johnson's:

  1. We carry only fir trees and not pine or spruce because they hold their needles better, these are
    considered Premium Trees.
  2. We purchase the trees from smaller tree farms that care for their trees not a large corporate
    tree farm where they are mass produced and cut weeks in advance of the season. Our trees are
    harvested just prior to shipping.
  3. We hang all of our premium tress so you can see what it will look like once you get it home (not
    smashed up against each other laying in a corral).
  4. We use Wilt Pruf (unlike the box stores) so the trees stay fresher longer.
  5. We make a fresh cut on the trunk of the tree when you purchase it.

About the Fir family:

Fraser - This tree's fragrance, shape, strong limbs, and ability to retain its soft needles for a long time when
cut make it one of the best Christmas trees around. The needles are shiny dark-green with two silvery-
white bands on the lower surface, and the cones are often dark purple.

Noble - This tree has Christmas tree written all over it. It has has soft blue-green needles on evenly-spaced, strong branches perfect for heavy ornaments. The Noble Fir offers excellent needle retention and has a very pleasant mild fir scent.

Concolor - This tree is an elegant tree with silver-green soft foliage that is displayed in an upright, sweeping manner. Medium length needles, excellent needle retention, and pleasing branch habits make this a most attractive and desirable Christmas tree. The fragrance is often described as citrusy. Our Concolors are forest harvested as part of a Forest Management Program.


The Story Behind the Carolers.

We've got a lot of exciting new things this Christmas at Johnson's, but there's one in particular that we want to tell you about.  Meet the Byers' Choice Carolers.

The tradition started in the late 1960s when Joyce Byers was dissatisfied with the holiday decorations she was seeing in her local retail stores.  She was looking for decorations that would warm her house and heart, and could bring back childhood memories. So there she sat, at her kitchen table creating a village of "people" that would receive compliments of all the relatives.

Since they were well received, Joyce decided she'd make them for Christmas presents the following year, and due to the persuasion of her friends, sold them at a local store where they quickly sold.  Soon, the Byers' Choice Carolers were sold around the country, where they remain today.

How They're Made

  • Each Caroler begins with a coat hanger. This is cut and bent to form a wire frame. Plaster is hand poured on a table, with the coat hanger placed in the plaster before it dries.
  • After the plaster hardens, it is painted with a specific color of green. The body is then sculpted with tissue paper.

  • Joyce sculpts every original head, from which plaster molds are poured. Clay is then pressed into the plaster molds. As the clay is removed from the mold, it gets slightly distorted. The artisan "cleans up" the head ensuring that each one is unique.
  • After the clay dries, the head receives a coat of flesh colored paint, and then the features are added. Each artisan uses an impressionistic technique to bring life to each face. No two are exactly alike!
  • Joyce designs every outfit worn by the Carolers. She has hundreds of different fabrics, ribbons, and laces available to be mixed in various combinations to create traditional and victorian Carolers. There will only be 100 sets of any design cut to send to our dressing department.
  • Dressers will take the body, head and clothes to combine the parts into a unique handcrafted Caroler. By changing the posing, or adjusting the draping of the clothes, a dresser adds life and personality to each Caroler.
  • Through the combination of loving care from each artisan, we now have a hundred unique, handcrafted Carolers that capture the warmth and spirit of Christmas. These figures will be divided among 3000 retail stores, all of which will have entirely different selections. So when you find the Caroler that reminds you of your niece's first Christmas, please don't expect to find that same Caroler anywhere else!

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How DO you do it?

Have you ever been curious about the process of Christmas decorating at Johnson's? Well we've asked Karen at our East location few questions about the process!

When do you start planning for Christmas?
We usually leave the second week of January for market and begin putting together ideas and themes for the next year. Yes, it's a year round event for us!

What is your favorite part of Christmas at Johnson's?
While I love Christmas Open House, the best part of Christmas is getting started decorating the stores the day after Pansy Mania ends. I love looking through all of the ornaments, picks and sit abouts that we've picked out!

How do you decide where the ornaments go?
We do most of our decorating in themes. Whether it's "Black and White", "Cowboy" or "The Beach", all of the trees have a theme that goes along with them. 

What one theme are you most excited about this year?
The themes I'm most excited about this year are the Byers' Choice Carolers and Mark Roberts Fairies! These are both new lines that will allow us to be incredibly creative in our decorating.
The Lodge theme is going to be fun as well. Look for 2 lodge trees, decorated totally different! One we've named 'Nature's Peace', which is more formal, the other is called 'Cutsie' and has fun plaid poinsettias.

What is your most memorable theme or ornament from previous years?
Since Red is my favorite color, I really liked the "All Red" tree from last year. Every ornament, ribbon, pick and light was red. Simply red.

 How do you make the trees look so full, but not cluttered?
Our customers shop off the trees, and placing ornaments for shopping does make a difference. Make sure you space ornaments, picks and ribbons evenly on the tree for the best look.

Do you have any tips on lighting trees, and keeping the wires hidden?
Start at the bottom of the tree, winding lights in and out, up and around the tree. It's really easier than it sounds!

How many hours are spent on decorating the stores?
We don't really keep track of the hours, it's more like weeks!

Do you have any other advice on Christmas decorating?
Decorate your tree and home to fit your personality.  Allow plenty of time, relax and have fun!

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