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Warm Season Lawn Care Program (5,000 sq. ft.)

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If you want a healthy green lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood, you need the ferti-lome 5-Step Lawn Care Program from Johnson's Garden Center. We've taken the guesswork out of lawn care in the central midwest. Our 5-step program combines our knowledge and everything you need to weed, fertilize, and winterize your grass. Order a lawn care bundle, and you'll be prepared for an entire year! This bundle is built for warm season grasses such as zoysia, bermuda, and buffalo grass. 5,000 sq. ft. coverage. Purchase your complete lawn care program below. We'll email you when it's ready for pickup in store, or for a small fee we'll deliver in the Wichita, Kansas Metro area.

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Customize Warm Season Lawn Care Program (5,000 sq. ft.)

Step 1: Weed & Grass Stopper

Hi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper (12 lbs.)   + $17.99

Step 2: Pro-Green

ferti-lome Pro-Green   + $17.09

Step 3: Top Dressing

ferti-lome Natural Guard Top Dressing   + $22.49

Step 4: Winterizer

ferti-lome Winterizer (20 lbs.)   + $17.99

Step 5: Winterizer

ferti-lome Winterizer (20 lbs.)   + $17.99

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Warm Season Lawn Care Program (5,000 sq. ft.)
Warm Season Lawn Care Program (5,000 sq. ft.)

In stock


In stock

    Step 1: ferti-lome Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper. Apply mid-March through mid-April. Prevents crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.
    Step 2: ferti-lome Pro-Green Lawn Tonic (16-0-0). Apply on warm season grasses April through May. Promotes a healthy deep green lawn and helps acidify the soil. Contains no weed control.
    Step 3: Natural Guard Top Dressing (Natural Soil Conditioner). Apply on warm season grasses in June. Not a fertilizer, but this product REALLY greens up your lawn! Unlocks nutrients to improve soil structure and fertility. Enhances root development. Improves turf resistance to stress.
    Step 4: ferti-lome Winterizer (25-0-6). Apply on warm season grasses in mid-June through mid-July to encourage maximum growth during the peak growing season.
    Step 5: ferti-lome Winterizer (25-0-6). Apply for a second time between mid-July and mid-August, about 30 days after your first Winterizer. Increases winter hardiness, keeps grass greener longer, and promotes earlier spring green up.

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