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Mosquito Controls

Prevent. Repel. Eliminate.

It's always best to think ahead and prevent mosquitoes before they hatch, with products that target mosquito larvae in standing water. If you already have a small mosquito problem, scented products work to repel them. If you have a major mosquito infestation, insecticides will eliminate the problem.

Gardening Tips

Get earth on your hands.


Fertilize warm-season grasses now with ferti•lome Winterizer. Don’t be confused by the name. The 25% nitrogen in Winterizer is great to promote maximum growth and spread for bermudagrass, buffalo and zoysia, the way it does for fescue in the fall.

Summer Pests

Spider mites thrive in hot conditions. Watch your plants. Look for stippled, yellow leaves and webbing over flower buds or on the lower leaf surfaces. Spray affected plants with ferti•lome Triple Action or Natural Guard Horticultural Oil. Treat at least three times at 7 day intervals.



Water is the most important element to help plants survive the summer heat. This year, as wet as it was earlier, watering will be even more important. Plants used to constant moisture may need more water than usual.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers and vegetables can be fed lightly in the heat with a slow release fertilizer like ferti•lome Garden Cote or Color Star.

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Marty's Weekly Enews

Local gardening advice & more!

Take some time today to walk barefoot in the grass.

Take some time today to walk barefoot in the grass.

This summer I’m not going to let the grub worms get ahead of me. If you recall from previous articles, it’s easy for me to think that my irrigation system isn’t watering my lawn evenly when the temperatures rise in the summer, and areas of my turf seem to suffer. They literally brown out. I’ve adjusted the sprinkler heads, but the damage still spreads to cover a couple of hundred square feet. Grub damage is easy to mistake for something else.

Milorganite: The World's Most Efficient Fertilizer.

Milorganite: The World's Most Efficient Fertilizer.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve sold Milorganite Fertilizer at the garden center. It has such a different aroma than other lawn and garden fertilizers that we stock. It's a deep earthy smell. Milorganite has been around for a while, in fact, the brand is one of the oldest on the market. It's not a mined product, but instead, it contains microbes that have digested organic matter from the wastewater of Milwaukee.

Even in the midst of a storm, the sun is still shining!

Even in the midst of a storm, the sun is still shining!

We all have THAT storm we remember. Weather events can be a milestone of sorts from our past. The big snowfall in February 1971, right before my 16th birthday is one for me. It was the one that shut the town down for a couple of days. Another one I remember is the hot summer of 1980 with its 46 days of 100+ degrees.


A Green Thumb 90 years in the making...

It's still all good in the hood.

Wichita's 4th generation garden center started as a small fruit & vegetable stand in the 1920s on the outskirts of town at the corner of Douglas and West Street in Wichita, KS.  As the business grew, Harold Johnson, with his father Orie, bought 5 acres of land on West 13th Street, and opened Johnson's Garden Center. This location is still operating today!

Fast forward a half century. Wichita's "favorite hometown garden center" is still serving gardeners all over Kansas for over 90 years. We are a 4th generation family owned business, and are committed to providing quality products and excellent service to our customers.

We can't wait to see what the next 90 years have in store for us!