Hello, again!

Last week, I mentioned Squeezer’s Palace as a place where we would go for cold treats, milk shakes and chocolate covered bananas. For those of you not familiar with Squeezer’s, the address was 924 Riverside. You know the intersection; it’s across from the little Arkansas River at the intersection of Nims (Bitting), West River Boulevar d, and Riverside Avenue on the triangle.

I received a package from Kim Curry, whose husband Edgar was the creator of the original Squeezer’s Palace. Along with her hand- written note was a copy of an original menu. The menu is a piece of art. In the style of The Who’s Magic Bus album cover, the menu lists all types of deliciousness. From .50 soft drinks, fresh fruit milkshakes, fruit cups, chocolate covered pineapple, to avocado sandwiches on 7-grain bread for $1.35, all prices included tax of 3.5%. I sure miss visiting Squeezer’s, AND that low Kansas sales tax!

Around the same era that I frequented Squeezer's, I also experienced coffee for the first time. I call it church coffee, and I'm sure you've had it. The "Classic Roast" from a tin can is much different than what is served at coffee shops today. What made the coffee was the 100 cup aluminum urn style coffee maker it was percolated in. The only reason I kept going back was that the garden center served this coffee during the Christmas season and the coffee was what kept us warm selling Christmas trees. Thank goodness for local coffee roasters who really know how to do coffee!

In addition to coffee, Johnson's has been serving hot Aspen Mulling Spices with apple cider for many holiday seasons. It's available in Regular, Sugar Free, Cinnamon Orange Blend as well as Vanilla & Spice Å la Mode. They make a great hot drink, and can be used in cooking and baking as well!

In recent years, we've discovered Glögg Winter Beverage, a traditional Scandinavian winter beverage. Glögg is the classic Scandinavian winter warming drink spiced with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and citrus. This drink is often served in "glögg cups" with raisins and almonds.

Our Christmas Open House is this Friday, November 6th through Sunday, November 15th. Take advantage of special savings during Christmas Open House. Save 10% on everything Christmas and 30% off all artificial wreaths & greens. Mark your calendars and sign up for our DIY Holiday Workshops here or at the stores. They begin November 10! Join us as we begin a season of traditions at the garden center. We're here to help make your holidays at home happy.

Your friend in the garden,

Marty Johnson
Owner - Johnson's Garden Center