Hello again!

Nothing says fall gardening like winter hardy pansies and violas. These blooming annuals give us three-season color in the landscape like no other color option we have. From early fall, through the winter months and until they are replaced with our summer bloomers after the last frost, we are able to enjoy the vibrant colors planted now.  
Our staff has been busy performing our color change the past week, and our fall colors at the stores are in full bloom. I find it hard to remove the garden center's summer flowering annual flowering plants in September, since they do so well with the cooler temperatures and soil moisture. They really looked their best of the season. However, in order to get the pansies and violas established in the fall, the earlier they are planted, the better they will perform in the landscape. Yesterday, a good friend, Rich, sent me a message that went something like what follows:

Options for colors are almost endless in pansies and violas. Blue and black flowers are rare in the plant world, but are plentiful when it comes to these flowers. From the small flowered violas (which are my favorite to plant) to the large flowering Majestic Giant series of pansies, there are so many options. Pansies and violas perform best when planted with a slow release fertilizer like ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food with micronutrients and slow-release water insoluble nitrogen to aid in healthy plant growth. Advanced coating technology with polymer- and sulfur-coated urea provides gradual, consistent nutrients for up to 30 days! 

Fall is going on at Johnson’s. We've got wide open shopping areas and convenient parking to make it easy to shop for pumpkins, gourds, tropical plants, trees, shrubs, and everything needed for fall.The weather is perfect now for fall seeding and fall vegetable gardening as well; come see us.

Your friend in the garden,
Marty Johnson
Johnson's Garden Centers