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ferti-lome Winterizer (20 lbs.)

How long has it been since you've shown your lawn some love? Winterizer for Established Lawns by ferti-lome is specially formulated to protect, nourish, and strengthen grass roots during the winter months. Applied in fall, Winterizer for Established Lawns will pay dividends in the spring when your lawn is healthier and more disease-resistant - even after a long, cold winter. Trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, and evergreens will also benefit from a fall application of Winterizer for Established Lawns. 20 lb. bag. 

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In stock
In stock

When should it be used? Apply in the fall.
Where should it be used? For use on established cool and warm season lawns, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants (such as roses, azaleas, camellias, and gardenias), and evergreens.
What is the coverage area? Lawns: 5,000 sq. ft. coverage area. Trees: 1 lb. per inch of trunk diameter. Shrubs, ornamentals, and evergreens: 1 cup per every 3 ft. of plant height.
How is it applied? Apply using a drop or broadcast spreader.
What is the active ingredient? Nitrogen, soluble potash, boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc.
What is the fertilizer content? 25 - 0 - 6 (25 nitrogen - 0 - phosphorus - 6 potassium).
Is it safe for pets? No.

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